DMU Local

DMU Local is the volunteering arm of De Montfort University Leicester, which is a university committed to the public good.   In the past year, students contributed a total of 20,465 hours of volunteering across 101 projects, the vast majority in Leicester, including everything from reading with schoolchildren to staging the biggest one-day volunteering project in the city’s history at 24 different centres.  Our students also volunteer to support Leicester Comedy Festival and The UK Kids’ Comedy Festival and we are proud to support both festivals, started by DMU students.   The university also worked with more than 9,000 children from 60 schools across Leicester and Leicestershire, both on the city centre campus and at their schools in a variety of different projects.  We are proud to be supporting both Loving Laughing and Laugh Term Comedy School again in 2020.   Students have also volunteered in India, New York, Thailand and a series of European cities over the past 12 months as part of the university’s commitment to creating citizens of the world, not just Leicester. Visit their website here.

Red Monkey

What a wonderful opportunity it is for us at Red Monkey to support the Leicester Comedy Festival and the UK’s Kids Comedy Festival – a festival which provides laughter, fun and creativity, just like us! With over 20 years of experience in creating engaging playground equipment and bespoke outdoor areas for Primary Schools & Nurseries, we understand playfulness is a necessity to everyday life, creativity is something to be nurtured, and having fun is the best way to learn. We are so proud to support a festival that holds the same values. Visit their website here.


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