Loving Laughing

In Loving Laughing, we showcase the comedic talents of Year 6 children, as part of The UK Kids’ Comedy Festival.  We deliver comedy workshops where students work on comedy sketches which are then brought to The Y Theatre as part of the festivals to compete for the crown of The Funniest School In Leicestershire! Loving Laughing is a fantastic way to build confidence and self-esteem through collaborating and performing comedy.

“The children’s creativity and confidence were boosted in a really fun and engaging way.Participating School

“In a time of much uncertainty, comedy has given our pupils an escape into the world of laughter.Participating School

In 2024 we worked with:


Foxton Primary School (WINNERS), Slater Primary School, North Mead Primary Academy, Thurnby Mead Primary Academy, Mayflower Primary School, Thornton Primary School, Knighton Mead Primary Academy, Rolleston Primary School

  • Foxton Primary School (WINNERS)
  • Slater Primary School
  • North Mead Primary Academy
  • Thurnby Mead Primary Academy
  • Mayflower Primary School
  • Thornton Primary School
  • Knighton Mead Primary Academy
  • Rolleston Primary School

For more information on how your school can get involved contact chris@bigdifferencecompany.co.uk


Meet Our Facilitators

Rob Gee leads workshops in performance poetry, comedy, improvisation, performance skills and creative writing. Rob’s workshops have an emphasis on literacy, teamwork and self-esteem. They can be tailored for any age or ability range and adjusted to incorporate any particular theme or area of the curriculum. As part of Loving Laughing, Rob has worked with thousands of children and young people across the county.


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