You don’t know how good it is for us to be back for the 28th anniversary of the Leicester Comedy Festival and the 3rd year of The UK Kids’ Comedy Festival!  Over the last few months, everything has been a bit uncertain, but we are thrilled to be returning, largely thanks to the massive support we continue to receive from our festival community.

Of course, this year things are slightly different, but we have loads of brilliant online events lined up. The festival will feature performances by Jonny Awsum, Terrible Tales and Incredible Beasts, Funny Looking Kids and Paul Currie, plus returning this year are our regular exclusive events: Laugh Term Comedy School and Joke Spot.

We will be updating this site and our online brochure over the next few weeks so keep visiting and checking out the latest announcements. We remain committed to making sure The UK Kids’ Comedy Festival continues to grow and to be a massive celebration of British comedy. Without the support of all our partners and you, our audience, none of this would be happening, so thank you so much for continuing to support the festival and our charity Big Difference Company.

Stay safe, smile and enjoy!


We have several projects where you can get involved so click on the links below to read more and get in touch with us to register your interest.

Loving Laughing is an annual showcase of the comedic talents of primary school children, as part of Leicester Comedy Festival and The UK Kids’ Comedy Festival. Postponed until later in 2021.

Laugh Term Comedy School is a dedicated half-term programme for aspiring teenagers to develop their skills and experience of performing live comedy with a showcase at the end of the week.

The Kids Joke Spot is a pop-up, interactive, touring activity ideal for anyone under 18 who wants to know what it’s like to be a comedy performer.


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